How Interior Design Has Changed In The Last Two Decades

The Internet and social media have changed our lifestyle choices and how we want to decorate our house.

While historically furniture was passed down thee family tree or bought to last forever, today people want to change their home decoration every couple of years. New trends are created and promoted online nearly as fast as fashion.

Home décor has become a lifestyle choice and a mirror of your personality. As your life rhythm changes every 7 years, you want your environment to adapt. We at Sunpoint Interiors guide our clients to buy a handful of high quality pieces that will form the center of your home regardless of fashion or lifestyle changes.

For example, you can never go wrong with a comfy slipcover sofa in your living room. Whether it is chocolate, dog paws, or red wine, it is very low-maintenance as you can simply take the slipcover to the dry cleaner. Nowadays, slipcovers are available in multiple colors that you can switch up from time to time.

Home interior decoration should match your lifestyle and not just follow the trend. This is why at Sunpoint, we make sure we curate pieces that reflect your personality and are also practical based on your daily life.